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Our Terms
When ordering individual designs or appointment, a fee / down payment of 50.00 € (nominal charge) is due, which is charged at the tattoo, and does not represent the true value of the design. In case of non-compliance with the agreed date, the forfeiting fee will be charged.

Vouchers / deposits / fees will not be paid back.

Biomechanics Tattoo
This mixture of man and machine is a strange, yet wonderful and fascinating world of creaturely symbiosis. In this type of tattoo, it is the kind of uniting human organs and machines that it looks like has been implanted in the human body.

Asian tattoo
They seem mysterious and mysterious. Look elegant and provide a real eye-catcher. Asian tattoos are becoming increasingly popular among people. There are different signs that have a different meaning. Most popular among women is the Japanese sign of love as a back, poor or even a forearm tattoo.

Tattoo "Black & White"
Black and white tattoos are elegant, stylish and mostly stung only with black. Here's a clever little hand is required, because everything is really stung with black. Lines, shadows and even the smallest dots at the end of the session. Whether tribals or pictures of the loved one. There are absolutely no limits here. Everything is possible and if you have the right tribal or viking tattoo, you will definitely catch your eye.

Tattoo "Flowers"
Tattoo gallery - roses. The flower is the smile of a plant. Whether it is a single rose or a whole bunch of flowers is up to each one. For women, roses are the favorite flowers that are selected as tattoos. No matter where the rose goes, she just looks great and by herself she is a real eye-catcher. Whether as a flower tendril up the arm or as a single flower on the chest or foot, just by their colorful splendor, it presents itself in its best side.

Tattoo "Comic"
Cartoon tattoo. The funny and beautiful child at the same time the tattoo scene. A little duck can be as delightful as stars. Comics are captivating with their rich colors and the same time with the art of appearance. Comic Tattoo Gallery is available in every conceivable execution and you can enjoy it for a long time, as comics never want the out.

Tattoo devils and demons
Devil and demon tattoo. At that time, somewhere inexplicable events happened, you were usually written to the devil and demons. Demons were worshiped in Egyptian mythology. Be it a demon of the water, the earth or the air. Demons still have something mysterious and look fantastic. Whether a devil in his arms or a little demon in the ear, everything is possible.

Tattoo "Fantasy"
Fantasy Tattoos not only look chic, but they reflect what the owner imagines. There are a variety of fantasy tattoos and these are usually very colorful. They are mainly of mystical characters or dragons, fairies, angels or elves. There are many who put angel wings on their backs.

Tattoo templates "Tribals"
Tribals are a variety of designs that have their origins in the tribal cultures of the world. The term tribal which comes from English and means root. Tribals as tattoo templates are excellent for the body culture, so they can be used over a large area and are thus mostly monochrome. What are they really great looking for?

Tattoo "Animals"
There are really many animals, but the most popular ones are tigers, lions and snakes. These are the motives that people like to refer to, or so birds like to take for example eagles or buzzards. Due to the high color choice of the animal tattoo and the different types, it is often not easy to find the right animal. Tattoo lovers will like to switch between styles and motifs and mix them up until the end of a true work of art.

Tattoo "Suns"
Without the sun, humanity would not exist because it is the central star in our sky. Anyone who decides to use a sun as a tattoo usually wants to express something with it. Suns as a tattoo are thus combined with other symbols or images, so that the sun is rarely the only one.

Tattoo "Zodiac"
Zodiac signs are therefore very popular, so they reflect what the sign of the zodiac sign means. For example, Scorpio means dominance, mystery, arrogance and more. Zodiac tattoos can also be customized to personal tastes, providing a good starting point for what many want to do with it.

Tattoo "PinUp"
The popular pinup girls are lightly dressed ladies who either wear figure-emphasized clothing or can be lightly dressed. Pinup girls can be seen a lot with bikers, as they are mostly young and pretty ladies. PinUp tattoos these ladies always in sexy poses that make you just have to look. Pinup girls are in the truest sense of the word real go-goers.

Tattoo "Old School"
Old-school tattoos have gained considerable popularity in recent years. The tattoos of sailors and bikers can be described as old-school tattoos, as they are now traditional tattoos. The most popular old-school tattoos are cherries, swallows, pin-up girls, hearts, anchors, fish, and a few others. Old-school tattoos are simple in design and stung with a lot of black ink and little color. Most old-school tattoos still have a volume with a text underneath and nowadays much more colorful than the real originals of the real fur seals.

Tattoo "sea, mermaids, fish"
Mermaids, ships, sailors icons. Among the sailors, these motifs and symbols are very popular. A mermaid in her arms is a real looker or there are also some who like to be pierced ships or sailors. For most of them, there is still a banner or just a saying that has a certain meaning for the owner or that should just say something. But you can also decorate them with snakes, hearts, anchors or other.

Tattoo "Indians"
In Indian Tattoos is not, as the name may suggest, an Indian meant, but the symbols. In the 60s, the Indians symbols were the most popular among the hippies, because you can represent a mood with the symbols. Not only the hippies but also the rockers were littered with Indian symbols. Every conceivable symbol also has its own meaning. Tattoos with proud Indian chiefs, Tomahawk and the peace pipe are still the most popular today. Related creatures such as eagles, hawks, bears and feathers representing and symbolizing the quest for freedom.

Tattoo "heart"
Hearts have been a very popular symbol of humanity for decades. Hearts are love, be it the name of a friend, a wife or a mother. As the techniques get better, the hearts get better and the color gets more and more intense. There are hearts in the old-school tattoo style or Modern Art. Of course, there are a variety of tattoo styles, from the heart, for example, with a lock and the key to it. Or a broken heart for a sad experience, such as the loss of a loved one.

Tattoo "American Style"
Traditional USA tattoos. Different motifs from the field of shipping and Typical American eagle with coat of arms or USA flag and stars.

Letters Tattoos and tattoo lettering
The versatility and complexity of letter tattoos is often underestimated, Chinese writing, Arabic writing or Japanese letters. Before you can get a letter, you will need to know which letter, which alphabet or which language, which font, and where you want to have the tattoo.

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